Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Kanye West received massive criticism online for his new music video

New music video of Kanye West shows cartoon look like Pete Davidson dragged around and buried alive. It sparked a major uproar online. Many people found the video upsetting as did many others on social media.

In response to the criticism, West defends his art and called it an expression. It appeared that the rapper Kanye West was reacting to the uproar produced by his music video. He was attempting to clarify that the video has not meant to cause damage.

“Art is therapy like this vista. The right to express oneself creatively has enshrined in the First Amendment. The world is a simpler place because of art. Art does not act as a stand-in for any wrongdoing. Any implication to the contrary is untrue and malicious,” ” Ye said.

Click Here to see his official Instagram post.

Moreover, James Gunn directed the rapper’s latest music video. He took the opportunity to publicly defend Pete Davidson’s character by tweeting a heartfelt message about him. Davidson and Kim Kardashian both liked the comment of Director of Suicide Squad.

After Kim’s divorce has ruled legally separated by a judge last week, Ye released the music video. The animated video depicted an abducted, bound and buried alive creature resembling Pete.

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