Thursday, February 2, 2023

Affan Waheed expressed his thoughts about marriage with Ramsha Khan

One of Pakistan’s most well-known figures, Affan Waheed has finally revealed the circumstances of his marriage. He responded affirmatively to the question asked. According to his statement, he certainly plans to get married, sooner or later.

Affan Waheed recently appeared in an interview where he discussed about his marriage plans. He described that the news of his marriage to actress Ramsha Khan is a rumour. However, the public had accepted the speculations as fact.

According to Affan, a woman from his neighbourhood came to his house and presented his mother with Rs. 5000. She believed the rumours about his impending marriage. He described this as a interesting story.

He went on to say that he has not yet psychologically prepared to fall in love with anyone. Love is a game of chance and that one can never assure of one’s future actions in this life.

Furthermore, the actor has stated that he wishes to take on a different role in the performing industry. He has bored of portraying good and heroic characters. He believes that he is capable of much more and now looking for a decent and unusual story to work on.

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