Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Sheikh Rasheed suggests holding talks with the opposition

An invitation to engage in a roundtable discussion on the topic of midterm elections has been extended by the administration to the opposition.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed stressed the importance of holding conversations with both the opposition and its allies.

Speaking in an interview with a British channel, the Interior Minister called on the opposition to engage in conversations about the potential of holding early elections, claiming that the current situation necessitates such negotiations.

Sheikh Rasheed pushed for the holding of negotiations with both the coalition and opposition parties, noting that the time has come to sit down and talk about issues in order to find solutions to the difficulties that the country is experiencing.

Sheikh Rasheed had previously stated in a television programme, according to the British broadcaster, that the elections, which are scheduled for 5 years from now, might be held a year or 6 months earlier, and that if this were the case, the country would be in a better position.

The elections are scheduled for 5 years from now, according to the broadcaster. If that is the case, when do you think it will happen? Let’s have a discussion about it.

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