Friday, February 3, 2023

Bilawal Bhutto says no-trust move is not easy task

On Sunday, Bilawal Bhutto, the chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), stated that he could not guarantee the outcome of the no-trust move against the present administration in Pakistan.

Bilawal Bhutto said during a press conference after Nadeem Afzal Chan joined the PPP that introducing a no-trust movement is a challenging task and that he could not guarantee its success 100 percent.

As the PPP chairman stated, “If we succeed, it will be an incredible achievement, however, if we fail, I will not back down and will continue my effort.” He also requested that Prime Minister Imran Khan resign from his position.

As a result, he said, “If Imran Khan considers himself to be a public figure, he should step down and go back to the people to seek a new mandate for himself.” He also stated that “if Khan does not step down, the opposition will submit a no-trust motion against him.”

He stated that they feel the government has lost its majority and that a new government is being put in place. “We have compelled the government to communicate with its constituents.”

Further, during the press conference, the chairman of the PPP stated that if the no-trust motion is filed, everyone would be able to observe the neutrality of some quarters in action. He also urged people to refrain from inciting a battle between the PPP and the PML-N, and he stated that they will accept whatever decision was reached by the combined opposition.

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Earlier in the day, Nadeem Afzal Chan, a former special assistant to the prime minister, officially announced his decision to rejoin the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) after leaving the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Nadeem Afzal Chan had a visit from PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, former prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Aitzaz Ahsan, and others at his residence.

Nadeem Afzal, who spoke at the news conference alongside other PPP officials, expressed gratitude to the party’s leadership for treating him with dignity and stated that he has always worked for the rights of farmers.

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