Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The opposition has been defeated on all fronts, says Murad Saeed

Minister Murad Saeed said that the opposition had been defeated on all fronts, claiming victory for the government.

In a statement, Murad Saeed, Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Communications, stated that the country’s rulers have historically exploited Pakistan and stolen its people’s money, and that the country’s opposition is united in its fight against corruption.

Murad Saeed is a member of the Pakistani parliament. In order to move on, we must accept defeat; the opposition has been crushed on all fronts, whether in the political arena or in the parliament; Prime Minister Imran Khan has been victorious; and those who desire to change the course of history have been decimated en masse.

That same Maulana Fazlur Rehman, according to the Federal Minister, used to approach the United States Ambassador and seek that I be given the opportunity to serve him. Jundal, an Indian businessman, entered Pakistan without a visa, and his presence was disguised from the authorities.

Quite the contrary, Prime Minister Imran Khan has fought the Kashmir issue on every forum available and has discussed the subject with leaders from all over the world, including the United Nations.

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