Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Indian soldier opens fire on his own colleagues, killing five and injuring twelve

Several Border Security Force officers were killed and twelve others were injured after an officer at the force’s headquarters opened fire on his colleagues without hesitation.

An incident at the Border Security Force headquarters in Amritsar, Punjab, according to reports in the Indian media resulted in the deaths of several Border Security Force soldiers and the injuries of another twelve.

The headquarters of the Indian Security Forces are located around 20 kilometres from the border town of Wagah, which is located on the Pakistani side of the border.

To begin, an enraged Border Security Force officer opened fire on his fellow officers before taking his own life with his own weapon, according to reports. The man was sent to the hospital in critical condition, but he died while he was there as a result of complications arising from his medical condition.

High-ranking officials were called to the location of the incident as soon as it occurred, and an investigative committee has been established to look into the circumstances surrounding the incidence.

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