Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Pervez Elahi cautioned the PM Imran to be cautious with his advisers

PTI President and Speaker of the Punjab Assembly, PML-Q Pervez Elahi, has addressed a message to Prime Minister Imran Khan, advising him to exercise prudence when dealing with his advisers; nevertheless, it is unclear why media organisations have been singled out for criticism by the PTI.

In response to their worries, the President of the ruling coalition party PML-Q and Speaker of the Punjab Assembly addressed a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan in which he cautioned the Prime Minister to be wary of his advisers and explained why this was required.

According to the Prime Minister’s advisors, he is seeking to bridge the gap between the administration and the media by distorting the facts and figures in his speech.

There have been reports that PTI members have been denied the chance to appear in the media on a daily basis, according to Pervez Elahi, who added in his statement that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the leadership of the ruling party have been encouraged to rethink their previous decision.

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