Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Sheikh Rasheed challenges the Opposition to file a resolution of no confidence against the PTI governmen

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, the Interior Minister, has dared the Opposition to bring a no-confidence motion against the PTI-led government.
Sheikh claims that if a no-confidence motion is brought, it will change into a “motion of happiness” for Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Sheikh Rasheed believes the Opposition’s proposed no-confidence resolution against the government will fail if it is introduced in the National Assembly (NA).

The opposition was challenged to submit a requisition and bring the no-confidence motion before the National Assembly, and he stated that “they have been screaming [about the no-confidence motion] for the preceding two months.”

Previously, this group claimed that the Army was not neutral, but today, even the Opposition claims that the Army is neutral. “Congratulations to them, but keep in mind that nothing in this world is neutral,” Rasheed emphasised.

He used the failure of a no-trust resolution against former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, which was lost by a 12-vote margin, to argue that losing was the Opposition’s destiny.

The opposition will lose with the same number of votes, he predicts, and the no-trust resolution would become a “move of ease for Prime Minister Imran Khan.”

Continuing his argument, Rasheed stated that the Opposition lacks a long-term strategy, implying that they seek to create a “technocrat” government in the country.

Furthermore, if they are successful, it will result in a wide range of challenges for the country, according to him. He went on to explain that

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