Wednesday, October 5, 2022

7 dead, 15 injured in Layyah, Chowk Azam road accident

Seven persons were dead and 15 others were injured after two automobiles collided in Chowk Azam, a city in Punjab’s Layyah region. The accident involved two vehicles and was particularly awful.

The incident occurred at Gola Adda in Layyah Chowk Azam and resulted in the deaths of seven persons, three of whom were youngsters and one of whom was an elderly woman.

The injured and deceased were transported to the Taluka Headquarters Hospital for treatment (THQ). According to the early reports, the reason for the occurrence was unable to be determined.

Separately, a series of vehicle incidents in Karachi claimed the lives of four persons, one of them being a female student.

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An out-of-control truck collided with a female student and some other spectators on University Road in Karachi, according to the specifics of the incident. When the sad tragedy occurred near the Expo center, the young woman, Ayesha, was on her way to her university to complete her studies.

During the second incident, which occurred near Urdu University, a bus struck and killed a little kid who had fallen on the road after being struck by a speeding automobile. According to the police report, Haider passed away at the time of the accident.

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