Saturday, January 28, 2023

Thai police announce Shane Warne’s death probe

An investigation into the death of cricketing icon Shane Warne has been announced by the Thai police, who will look into the circumstances surrounding his death.

Shane Warne, a well-known Australian league spinner, was on vacation in Thailand when he suffered a heart attack that ultimately proved fatal. He was at the time residing at his residence on the island of Koh Samai.

The cricketer was flown to a hospital in a medical chopper, but he was confirmed dead when he arrived there.

Thailand’s police department indicated that they do not regard the death of former cricketer Shane Warren to be suspicious, but that they intend to thoroughly investigate the case in order to uncover the circumstances surrounding his death.

Following the incident, according to reports, the forensic team will take statements from Shane Warne’s close friends and family members.

However, the Australian government has taken steps to bring the body of the great league spinner back to his native country of origin.

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