Saturday, January 28, 2023

Barrister Saif says the Peshawar suicide bomber has been identified and will be announced soon

Barrister Saif, the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Information, stated NADRA helped identify the suicide bomber and the facilitators.

The Kocha Risaldar Qissa Khwani suicide bomber has been identified, stated Special Assistant for Information Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif. While the officers’ lives were in danger.

The province is also conducting a polio campaign, according to Barrister Saif. Due of the Hindu festival, police were deployed outside temples in Peshawar on Friday. A faulty intelligence

He stated the suicide bomber had been identified and NADRA’s assistance was sought. The suicide bomber wore black.
“The facilitators of the suicide bomber have been identified, and some of them have been captured. The genuine network will be revealed to the public in 48 hours.” Barrister Sai stated.

We don’t blame anyone, everyone is working, terrorist occurrences happen in every country. Yes, more can be done.

We have made arrests in connection with the bomb detonation, according to Barrister Saif.

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