Monday, October 3, 2022

Toyota Announces Another Surprising Increase in Imported Car Prices

Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) has raised the price of its CBU cars. The recent increase in Regulatory Duty (RD) on imported CBU automobiles prompted the price increase.

Prices have therefore climbed to Rs. 2.28 million (for the Prius). Toyota IMC increased all CBU pricing in January due to rising RD and FED (FED).

Each of the impacted autos costs approximately Rs. 1.1 million. All Corolla Cross models, including the 1.8L, have been discounted. Price increase of 930,000 rupees.

The Smart 1.8L variant’s price has climbed from Rs. 9,869,000 to Rs. 11,959,000. 12249,000 for the fully loaded 1.8L Corolla Cross Premium (up from Rs. 10,109,000).

They call it “Rush 2”. It has been hiked by Rs. 1110,000 to Rs. 7,329,000 for the GMT 1.5L. It was Rs. 6,219,000 before.

For the other 1.5L model, the price has risen by Rs. 1,160,000 from Rs. 6,459. For Rs 11,109, Toyota sells only one Prius. In total, it has increased by Rs. 2,280,000.

Toyota says the increased prices go into effect March 4 for all new orders. As of March 4, all full payment/GTG orders in the system will be updated.

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