Saturday, January 28, 2023

Bus conductor slaps issue has turned after female passenger’s statement

Because of the victim’s decision to record her statement in front of police officials, the slap case involving a bus conductor and a female passenger has taken a new turn.

The investigation into a torture incident that was caught on camera in Karachi’s Orangi Town has taken a new turn after police officers discovered that the man who slapped the woman passenger was someone else, not the bus conductor and that the bus conductor had not been involved.

On social media, a video had gone viral in which an alleged bus conductor was captured on camera slaping a female passenger during what appeared to be a verbal altercation was shared.

The man who featured in the video while tormenting the passenger has arrived at the police checkpoint, together with the woman who was harmed as a result of his actions. During her deposition, the woman said that the individual who had tormented her was a relative named Kashif.

In exchange for not handing over the mobile phone and niqab issue, he tortures me. “Because this is a family affair, she does not want any action taken against him,” she says.

Furthermore, the bus driver and conductor were both summoned to appear before police officers, who took down their testimony.

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When the matter was brought to the attention of the President of the Transport Ittehad, Irshad Bokhari, he stated that he was unable to identify the suspect but pledged that if a complaint was filed, he would assist in putting the conductor to jail if necessary.

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