Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Milk price could rise to Rs. 200 per litre during Ramadan

Dairy and Cattle Association (DCA), have expressed concern that if the government fails to reign in rising exports of fodder and grain prices, the price of milk per litre will exceed Rs. 200 during Ramadan.

DCA Central President Shakir Umar Gujjar warned during a news conference in Lahore that if the difficulties of dairy and cattle farmers are not solved, they will be obliged to hike the milk price in order to compensate for the loss of income.

There have been a variety of tariffs placed on various dairy products by the Federal Government, making it extremely difficult for dairy and cow producers to sell milk at a price lower than Rs. 150 per litre of product.

According to him, any dairy or cattle farmer who sells milk for less than Rs. 150 a litre is either selling tainted milk or milk that has been synthetically produced. They identify as a member of the mafia, and they are attempting to play games with other people’s lives.

DCA Central Punjab President Khan Babar Bhatti has called on the government of Punjab to allow market forces to determine the price of milk in order for people to be able to consume high-quality milk.

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