Saturday, January 28, 2023

Lahore Police busted a gang stealing keyless entry cars

Unleashed a gang of highly trained car thieves who used jammers to get into computer systems and steal keyless entry vehicles worth millions of dollars in Lahore.

The gang’s commander, Afnan Khan, a BS (Honors) graduate from Charsadda, admits to creating jammers, tracker detectors, and vehicle software.

Afnan Khan and his pals took full possession of a car in seven minutes. They would first use their jammers to disable all electronic equipment within 300 metres of the vehicle, before smashing the glass to gain entry.

On top of that, they’d hack the car’s computer system and drive away with their own key. The highway was the last hurdle for the robbers, who would hide the stolen car under another car’s bumper to avoid being scanned.

SP AVLS Aftab Phularwan said at a press conference that the apprehended suspects Afnan Adil and Shehzad Masih had nine automobiles worth over Rs. 33.6 million.

He added stolen Lahore cars are sold in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where they have warehouses and parking.

Intriguing and disturbing how easily a graduate can hack the computers and immobiliser systems of such luxury vehicles that Pakistanis pay a fortune for.

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