Monday, October 3, 2022

Samsung caught slacking off Galaxy Phones

Samsung was caught red-handed last week slowing down its handsets in more than 10,000 apps, With the exception of benchmarking applications.

Game Optimization Service (GOS), a service found in system apps, social apps, Google apps, and numerous third-party applications (apart from benchmarking programmes), is known to degrade hardware performance in these applications.

According to a Korean YouTuber, Game Optimization Service (GOS) was causing app performance to be reduced by up to 56 percent in some cases.

Although the optimization service does not now support video games in addition to testing programmes, the YouTuber was able to illustrate the performance change by renaming 3DMark to Genshin Impact, a widely popular video game.

A statement from Samsung to its Korean customers in response to the problem has been issued. Samsung has openly acknowledged the problem.

GOS, according to the maker, is intended to prevent overheating during gaming, but it does not explain why it is causing thousands of other programmes to operate more slowly as a result of its use in thousands of other programmes.

As previously indicated, Samsung has stated that a repair for the GOS operating system will be delivered as soon as feasible.

It appears that Samsung aims to introduce a performance option for GOS, which should allow Galaxy phones to function with fewer restrictions due to hardware limitations.

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