Tuesday, October 4, 2022

I don’t care about critics on social media, says Sunny Leone

A well known Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has stated that she bans critics on social media platforms. She does not care about people who criticise her since it is not a part of their lives.

According to reports, she recently appeared in an interview, where she was speaking about social media trolling. Sunny Leone said, “critics who attack me on social media don’t pay my bills. They don’t assist me in the kitchen and in changing my child’s diapers. So, they are in no way a part of my life and have not considered a member of the family.”

Moreover, she stated that the goal of everyone who criticises someone is to garner as much attention as possible. Their remarks on social media have “blocked” by the actress. She never reads the views of the detractors and simply blocked all the trolls.

Furthermore, she also went on to say that detractors on social media have merely interested in gaining attention. They need attention much like tiny toddlers who want to seen. She don’t give a damn what anyone says since these folks aren’t a part of her life.

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