Saturday, January 28, 2023

Amna Ilyas criticised after her bold photos went viral on Internet

An actress and model Amna Ilyas has some offensive bold photos. It leads to social media users once again refraining from engaging with her.

A Pakistani showbiz star is quite active on social media these days. She is posting numerous videos and provocative photos. Fan’s reactions to bold photos of Amna Ilyas has been mostly negative with many denouncing her.

Moreover, the actress has lately shared some new images of herself on Instagram. She appears to be wearing a garment that some people find distasteful.

It can see in the photographs that Amna is having a good time in the water. Whereas, she was wearing the shortest swimwear and has escorted by a female companion. These photographs were taken in Sri Lanka, where she is now enjoying her vacation.

An earlier version of this article stated that the actress had established a reputation in the film business. She had received harsh criticism for her forthright comments. She shared a fantastic photo of herself with a drink in her hand and took her bluntness to a whole new level by including a provocative message.

“If someone who has inebriated sends you a message, compliment them on their ability to believe they are thinking about you while they are unable to think,” she advised.

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