Saturday, January 28, 2023

I am not sad but happy after divorce, says Faryal Mehmood

Pakistani actress Faryal Mehmood says that she is not sad about her divorce from husband but she is very happy. She opened up about her personal life in recent interview. Moreover, she asserted that her confession had obtained through torture.

Faryal Mehmood said that their divorce took place because it has written in their fortune. She was answering a question asked by host about her private life. She added, “It’s okay to get divorced. However, she moved to Italy after that where she had a lot of fun and now she is very exciting about her future.”

Furthermore, she went to say, “It’s not a big deal that she still get messages about her pictures. She look so sad in the pictures. She has amazed at what people are saying because she is moving forward. How is that possible?”

Many people ask her how she handled herself after the divorce. All she says is, do people not like her being happy? She is happy and is in a better position in her life now. So, why should she get married just because a woman is complete after marriage.

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