Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Microsoft Signs Agreement with Sindh Govt to Digitize Education System

Microsoft has signed an Educational Transformation Agreement (ETA) with the School Education and Literacy Department (SELD) and the Sindh Education Foundation (SEF), two major departments of the govt of Sindh. The SELD and the Sindh Education Foundation are both parts of the Sindh Education and Literacy Department (SELD).

Microsoft Educational Transformation Framework (ETF), under which Microsoft is committed to making a digital transformation in the educational sector more successful and organized, was used to draught the agreement.

In order to develop the education sector throughout Sindh, this partnership aims to unlock and utilize the potential of information and communication technologies (ICT) at every level of education. Microsoft will offer a number of workshops and training sessions, as well as webinars and other cooperative activities in Sindh that will include important stakeholders, as part of this arrangement.

The initial phase in the collaboration would be to collaborate with the leadership of Sindh education to explore and design customized digital transformation initiatives for the province. An increasing number of change management workshops with the leadership will be performed in this context to assist in smoothing the transition to digital learning in the Sindh education system.

Through its cloud certification programs, the Microsoft professionals are also devoted to educating the Sindh government on how to build, plan, and implement cloud solutions, as well as producing MIE Master trainers who would impart technical learning on Microsoft’s behalf.

“The agreement will prove to be a roadmap for both parties in bridging the gap between education and employment through information and communication technology,” said Jibran Jamshad, Country Education Lead at Microsoft Corporation, on the occasion of the agreement’s signing.

He went on to say that, because the education system in Pakistan required a significant amount of change in terms of digitalization, the provincial administration had already established connections with a lot of educational organizations in the country.

In order to offer customized educational products and services, we are collaborating closely with a number of private and public sector organizations. “This relationship with the Sindh government is another step in the direction of our goal of transforming the education system in Sindh province,” he stated.

Ghulam Akbar Laghari, Secretary, School Education, and Literacy Department, Sindh, shared his thoughts on the occurrence, saying, “We are happy to be partnering with Microsoft in digitalizing the education system in Sindh.” The SELD learning hub application and digital classrooms were created as a result of this collaboration to meet the educational needs of children who are currently experiencing emergency conditions.”

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Another important part of this ETA is that it will assist the Sindh education sector in taking advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams, and other similar tools.

Following the development of these abilities, students, faculty, and educators will be able to learn from one other while also collaborating, creating material, and sharing resources through the use of various Microsoft technologies.

As a result, the education sector will be able to continue operating and performing even in emergency conditions such as a global pandemic.

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