Saturday, January 28, 2023

Free Test Tube Baby Service In Punjab For First Time

The Punjab government has decided to officially support test tube babies. According to media reports, the Punjab provincial administration has agreed to provide free test tube baby facilities at the official level starting June.

A centre for diagnosing various disorders in pregnant women has also been established in the Maternal and Child Hospital for the first time.

According to the BBC, Dr Rashid Latif Khan created Pakistan’s first IVF centre ‘Life’ in Lahore in 1984. In 1989, after five years of hard work, Pakistan’s first test tube baby was born.

A clinic in Belgium was fined heavily for delivering a baby in a test tube, according to a foreign news source. It turned out the facility in Brussels had accidentally modified the DNA, and the couple had twins who couldn’t give bone marrow. So they had to contact a Madrid clinic for a healthy donor.

The couple sued the Brussels Clinic, and the court found in their favour, awarding the mother 27,000 euros and the father 11,000 euros in damages. He also ordered a €25,000 payment to ease the financial load.

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