Thursday, February 2, 2023

Prince Harry slammed for using a security proposal to avoid attending royal events

According to reports, Prince Harry has slammed for using a security proposal as a pretext to avoid spending time with the Royal Family. He is attempting to use his security clearance as an excuse to avoid visiting the family.

It has claimed that Prince Harry is using his need for increased private protection as a cover for his aversion to visiting the Royal Family. This charge has made by royal biographer in an interview with magazine and it has supported by other sources.

He believes the concept that Prince Harry has concerned about his personal security proposal and need the assistance of the Met Police is an excuse. We will not see Prince Harry or Meghan return to the United Kingdom anytime soon.

And he believe Harry will not return because he realises he will be unable to face his family. He has a nice relationship with them after reading what he has written about them in his book.

It is possible that Prince Harry may find it difficult to come back and pretend everything is OK. Moreover, he may challenge to justify the money he has paid.

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