Thursday, February 2, 2023

Murad Raas announced the 15,000 vacancies in education department

Murad Raas, the Punjab Minister for Education, declared on Thursday that 15,000 vacancies would be created in the education department for teachers, as well as the implementation of a paperless system in the department.

When asked about the shortfall of 50,000 instructors in Punjab schools, Murad Raas stated that the province would employ 15,000 new teachers in the first phase of the recruitment drive to alleviate the situation.

His department has developed an in-house data center at the Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU), which consolidates 11 departments into a single place, according to him.

In a statement, the minister of school education stated that “the installation of the data center would provide clarity and will assist in taking hassle-free decisions.” He also stated that “those involved in corrupt practices were enraged by the establishment of the data center.”

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He went on to say that they have scanned 12 million papers from the education department, which will assist them in their efforts to make the education department paperless in the future.

“We have already made the process of transferring and retiring online  “Previously, female instructors were abused in the process of being transferred,” he claimed, adding that corruption in the department had been reported in the billions of rupees in the past.

He also provided information on online teacher training programs available in the province, stating that having better teachers will benefit them in raising the overall standard of education in the province.

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