Monday, October 3, 2022

Prince Charles’ wife Camilla Parker cried during meeting with victims

Prince Charles’ wife Camilla Parker, the Duchess of Cornwall cried while meeting with the victims of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. She got into tears after listening their disturbing experiences.

According to media reports, Camilla Parker and her husband Prince Charles paid a visit to the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in London. They have comforted war-affected individuals and expressed their gratitude to them.

There were locals who informed the royal couple about the hardship of Ukrainians. They told them about how they are suffering as a result of Russian aggression. Camilla Parker cried during the discussion with the wife of the Ukrainian ambassador. It has reported to have remarked that they are praying for a war-torn nation.

“The Duchess of Cornwall has committed to assisting the Ukrainian people in any way she can. No one can ignore the tragic sight of Ukrainian residents leaving their homes,” said Parker’s spokesman.

Furthermore, Prince Charles offered encouragement to those who had been displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He applauded their amazing bravery and tenacity. The fact that Russia invaded its neighbouring nation Ukraine on February 24 should not overlooked.

Moreover, the combat has taken the lives of hundreds of soldiers from both sides as well as causing widespread injuries.

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