Saturday, January 28, 2023

Shahid Afridi tells Dhani to celebrate but keep performing

Shahid Afridi, the former captain of Pakistan, appeared to be dissatisfied with fast bowler Shahnawaz Dhani just a few days earlier, but the former captain could not keep his admiration for Dhani’s outstanding performance in the subsequent matches to himself.

Shahid Afridi’s television interview, in which he can be seen explaining what he had said about Dhani, is becoming increasingly popular among cricket fans around the world.

In response to the interviewer’s question, the interviewer brought up a tweet from Dhani’s brother Makhmour Ali Dhani from a few days ago in which he stated that his mother does not know the A, B, and C of cricket, but when asked about Dhani’s cricket, she responded by saying that my son plays cricket like Shahid Afridi and that she always prays that Allah make him successful like Afridi because she only knows Afridi in cricket

After hearing Dhani’s mother express her desire to see her son’s wish come true, Shahid Afridi prayed for her son’s wish to be granted and stated, “I have been assisting newcomers from the beginning, and it is unusual that it happens, but when I joined the team, someone assisted me as well.”

The former skipper remarked that all he asked of the newcomers was that they keep their focus on cricket throughout their time in the country.

Shahnawaz Dhani should first and foremost concentrate on cricket, after which he may opt to rejoice in the stands or even walk out of the stadium, neither of which would be an issue for him given his previous experience.

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