Saturday, January 28, 2023

Pakistani Embassy in Ukraine aided Indian students fleeing the conflict

The Pakistani embassy in Ukraine helped “distressed” Indian students fleeing the Ukraine war on humanitarian grounds to Lviv, where they were able to stay safely.

When asked about their treatment by Pakistani officials in Lviv, an Indian student can be heard responding in a viral social media video that they were taken care of.

“As you can see, these are all Pakistani students.” “There are just four Indians on our team, and the rest are Pakistanis.”

After arriving in Kharkiv from Lviv, the student said that no Indian official was present at the embassy, despite the fact that a large crowd had gathered there at the time of their arrival.

In the video, students can be seen enjoying their meals in a relaxed environment at the Pakistani embassy.

While speaking to journalists in Mirpur Khas, where he is leading the PTI Sindh Huqooq March, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi also stated that Pakistan had assisted Indian students who were fleeing the Ukraine war in Lviv.

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As the Foreign Minister continued, “They are children who are suffering as a result of the war, and we have done everything we could to assist them on a humanitarian basis.”

Dr Noel Khokhar, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Ukraine, reported earlier in the day that 1,227 Pakistanis had been successfully evacuated from the war-torn country of Ukraine.

At an audio message, the Pakistani envoy stated that 1,227 Pakistani nationals had been successfully evacuated from Ukraine, with another 21 remaining in or around various border crossing points with the country.

The official stated that approximately 50 nationals are on their way to Ternopil, a city in western Ukraine, and that the stranded citizens would be evacuated as soon as they arrived in the city.

A statement issued on Sunday by the Pakistani Embassy in Ukraine stated that the embassy in the war-torn country was putting plans in place to evacuate Pakistanis as soon as feasible.

In an interview with Radio Pakistan, he expressed the optimism that the evacuation procedure will be completed within a few of days of his arrival.

According to the ambassador, the curfew in the country was generating problems, and a large number of people had collected at border crossings.

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