Thursday, February 2, 2023

Nathan Lyon wants a 3-0 Test series triumph over Pakistan

Nathan Lyon, Australian spinner, held a virtual news conference in which he indicated that the team’s morale had been bolstered by their recent victory in the Ashes series against England.

In the upcoming series against Pakistan, Nathan Lyon expects that Australia will be able to thoroughly dominate the opposition as a result of their newfound confidence.

According to Nathan Lyon, the team has gained a great deal of confidence as a result of their success in the Ashes tournament. The entire squad is intent on winning every game in which they participate whenever they step onto the field.

“Our goal is to defeat Pakistan 3-0,” he stated passionately. “We are certain that we can accomplish this.” “We aim to absolutely demolish Pakistan,” Lyon declares emphatically.

“Australia is proud to be touring Pakistan. For a decade, Pakistan banned international cricket. Australia’s tour will benefit both Pakistan and world cricket. Australian cricketers can inspire Pakistani cricket fans “he said.

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