Saturday, January 28, 2023

Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff revealed why his real name has changed

Those who are unaware of real name of Tiger Shroff will learn it today. Everyone should know that ‘Jay Hemant Shroff’ is his birth name. He dazzled everyone with his action and dance routines in bollywood movies.

According to media sources, Tiger Shroff said in an old interview that he has known as Tiger rather than his real name Hemant. He stated that when he was a youngster, he used to bite people with his teeth. It caused people to compare him to the fictional character Tiger.

Moreover, Tiger had previously admitted in an interview that he had cut bite his instructor one day. So, he got punishment for his brutal act. It’s because of this that he became known as Tiger.

Remember that Tiger Shroff was born on March 2, 1990, to well-known Bollywood couple Jackie Sharoof and Ayesha Sharoof. He has raised by his parents and yesterday he celebrated his 32nd birthday.

Furthermore, many other actors alter their true names to film names in order to establish themselves in Bollywood. Whereas, Dilip Kumar and Akshay Kumar being the most well-known instances of this practise. Originally, Dilip Kumar went under the name Yusuf Khan, while Akshay’s given name is Rajiv Bhatia.

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