Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Angelina Jolie shared photos of latest developments in Ukraine on Instagram

A special envoy for the United Nations and a Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has provided the latest information on Russia’s ongoing bombing of Ukraine. She posted some disturbing photos of Ukraine on her Instagram account

Angelina Jolie stated, “more than 0.5 million individuals have moved from Ukraine to neighbouring countries in the previous several days. According to the UNHCR, the number of refugees might reach 4 million if the situation worsens.”

She also wrote a letter to the president. “At this time, it is critical that nations hosting Ukrainian people continue to welcome all those escaping the crisis and uncertainty,” Angelina said.

It should note that Russia invaded in Ukraine on February 24. Both sides have claimed to have killed hundreds of one other’s soldiers. They also caused huge damage on the each other’s forces capacity and arms.

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