Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The lion attack video of Hareem Shah has gone viral

The footage of a lion assaulting Hareem Shah, a renowned Pakistani talk show host, has gone viral on the internet.

On her Instagram account, Hareem Shah recently posted a video in which she is in a hall-like space when a man enters with a lion, which then assaults and ticks Hareem Shah. The stars are alarmed and flee the scene.

Hareem Shah is being attacked by a lion, as shown in the video. The person who is in charge of the animal makes an unsuccessful attempt to restrain the lion, which roars in response. After spotting the lion’s fury, Hareem Shah flees the scene, and another individual who happens to be present attempts to save Hareem Shah from the lion.

As a result of the lion’s rage, a large number of people enter the room and attempt to subdue the lion. When Hareem Shah posted this video on social media, she did not include any information about the location of the incident in the caption.

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