Saturday, January 28, 2023

Hollywood Studios banned release any new movies in Russia

Several Hollywood studios have banned distributing their films in Russia because of the ongoing military action in Ukraine. According to claims on social media, the current situation caused uncertainty and the humanitarian crisis.

Top three Hollywood studios including Disney, Warner Bros and Sony Pictures banned Russia by releasing their statements.


A statement following Russia’s war on Ukraine indicated that future commercial choices will dependent on changing conditions. According to sources, This decision has made in light of Ukraine’s unprovoked aggression and the sad humanitarian circumstances.

They will make future business decisions based on what’s going on right now. Moreover, Tte Russian premiere of Disney’s animated picture Turning Red has postponed.

Warner Brothers

According to a statement from Warner Brothers, it has halted the distribution of ‘The Batman’ in Russia because of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. A spokesperson stated that they are closely monitoring the situation. They are also hopeful that a swift and peaceful resolution can found.

Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures stated that Russia has put on hold as a result of ongoing war operations in Ukraine. It is as a humanitarian disaster. However, Russian audiences were set to see the studio’s superhero picture on March 24.

Furthermore, it should also keep in mind that in 2021, Hollywood films grossed 601 million Dollars in Russia.

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