Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The PECA ordinance appears to have misled the Prime Minister says Chief Justice Athar Minallah

Athar Minallah, Chief Justice of the Salamabad High Court, offered some important statements about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address to the country on Pika law, which was delivered yesterday.

Chief Justice Athar Minallah stated that no one had adequately assisted the Prime Minister Imran in delivering his speech, that the law of contempt exists separately from Pika, and that it appeared that no one had properly assisted the Prime Minister in delivering his speech.

The appeal filed by the President of the Lahore High Court Bar against the Pika Ordinance was heard by Chief Justice Athar Minallah on March 22. In addition, the petition was merged with another that was already pending before the court.

The petitioner claims that the FIA does not have the jurisdiction to intervene in private disputes. Because law enforcement is being used against the critics in this case, Chief Justice Athar Minallah has stated that the Federal Investigation Agency should ensure that no action is taken against the SOPs. The matter has been postponed until March 10 for additional consideration by the court.

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