Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Hareem Shah special interview about her marriage went viral on internet

Pakistani TikToker and actress Hareem Shah recently talked about her marriage plans in a special interview. She has gone famous on social media after uploading a video of herself on her own Instagram account.

During the interview, Hareem Shah indicated that she planned an arranged marriage. However, she has now married, which can not said as an arrange.

It is true that actress Hareem Shah has seen with her husband Bilal Shah in a video that has recently gone viral. The couple was participating in a chat show named ‘The Insta Show’. Whereas, the host had extended an invitation to Hareem and her husband to appear on show and they kindly accepted.

Click Here to watch her Interview

The show’s host has shown in the video asking Hareem and her husband a number of thought-provoking questions. She was curious about the identity of Hareem Shah’s husband, who had approached her and proposed marriage.

In response to host’s question, Bilal Shah revealed that he had proposed by his wife. Now we have married and are feeling really happy with each other. Moreover, we have not any misconceptions or doubts about our lives.

Furthermore, Hareem Shah’s videos have regularly discussed on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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