Tuesday, October 4, 2022

MPs cannot investigate Prince Andrew’s ‘£12M payoff’ to a sex accuser

MPs have barred from questioning Prince Andrew’s alleged £12M payoff because of old regulations. Virginia Giuffre, who accused Andrew of rape, struck a settlement with him last week in a civil sex case.

Prince Andrew’s payoff deal has estimated to be worth £12M, means he has avoided a contentious trial. However, he has always disputed the accusations levelled against him.

Andy McDonald wants to know if any of this money has used from Sovereign Grant to pay Virginia Giuffre compensation. However, they have prohibited from debating royalty in the Commons because of a centuries-old rule. It’s tough to bring up something about the Royal Family in the House.

The Sovereign Grant helps the king and selected members of the Royal Family in carrying out their official obligations. Whereas, it has discontinued supporting Prince Andrew in 2019 when he quit performing formal responsibilities.

Furtheremore, Prince Andrew has finally acknowledged and expressed regret for his close association with convicted sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. However, his long delay in doing so and his initial response to the allegations against him as well as Ms Giuffre have been sources of deep hurt and embarrassment for many people in the city.

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