Thursday, February 2, 2023

Imran Khan became the Prime Minister because of my prayers, says Sanam Saeed

According to reports, famous Pakistani actress Sanam Saeed said that Imran Khan elected as a Prime Minister of Pakistan due to her prayers. She alongwith Mohib Mirza recently appeared in TV show and answered many interesting questions.

The actress stated that she had no interest in politics throughout the broadcast. Imran Khan became Prime Minister through prayers of Sanam Saeed. It’s her great desire to see someone who is honest and forthright as Prime Minister rather than someone who is dishonest like the past PMs. This request has granted as well.

Actress Sanam Saeed said that only those who will benefit the country in the future will elect to office.

Moreover, Sanam remarked that all wives believe that their husbands undergo a transformation after they have married. She also asserted that women are each other’s worst enemies. Women are more likely to notice most of the time one woman denigrates another. The saddest part is that they are doing it instead of standing up for women.

Actor Mohib Mirza, on the other hand, fiercely objected to the practise of whitening injections. In addition, he said that he was notoriously unreliable when it came to meeting deadlines.

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