Tuesday, October 4, 2022

411 Pakistanis evacuated to different countries from Ukraine

The embassy is continuing the evacuation of Pakistanis from Ukraine, with a total of 411 nationals having been evacuated to Poland, Romania, and Hungary so far.

The Pakistani embassy in Ukraine evacuated 411 Pakistanis to various countries, with 358 being transported to Poland, 22 to Romania, three to Hungary, six to Slovakia, and one to Moldova, according to the Pakistani embassy in Ukraine website.

143 Pakistani nationals are currently stationed at the Ukraine-Russia border, whereas 15 nationals are stationed in Lviv, and 101 Pakistani nationals were being transferred from Kyiv and Kharkiv to Lviv.

Earlier, the Pakistani embassy in Ukraine released the names and addresses of Pakistanis who had been evacuated from the war-torn country, including students who had been trapped there.

The embassy stated in a statement that the students were provided with accommodation and transportation in Ternopil, as well as raising awareness of the issue of Pakistanis stranded in border areas during an evacuation operation.

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Dr. Noel I Khokhar, the Pakistani Ambassador to Ukraine confirmed that 125 Pakistanis had been evacuated from Ukraine and that 376 nationals had crossed the Ukraine-Poland border.

“Four Pakistanis have crossed the border between Ukraine and Romania, and nine other nationals have entered Hungary,” the statement said. From other cities, three students have already arrived at the Lviv facilitation desk, and a further 30 students are on their way to Lviv by train. Seven Pakistani students have arrived in Ternopil, according to the envoy.

Dr. Khokhar has also communicated with Poland’s deputy foreign minister in order to discuss the stranded Pakistanis in the country’s border regions.

According to the embassy, 84 Pakistanis crossed Poland from the Ukraine border, bringing the total number of Pakistanis evacuated to 137 so far.

The embassy has designated focal points in Ternopil, Kyiv, and Lviv to provide assistance to Pakistanis who have become stranded in Ukraine. In order to contact the officials of the Pakistani embassy in Ternopil, the stranded Pakistanis should dial the following telephone numbers: 0038063698164 and 380681734727.

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