Saturday, January 28, 2023

Murad Saeed accused Reham Khan of slander and sued her

Reham Khan has been served with legal papers by Federal Minister Murad Saeed, who accuses her of spreading false information about him and slandering him.

Federal Minister Murad Saeed recently delivered a legal notice to Reham Khan in which he indicated that the ministry of Murad Saeed had lately been elevated to the number one position in the country.
When your proposal was cited, the performance of the Ministry of Communications was called into question, which not only invalidated the petitioner but also discouraged the personnel who worked for the Ministry.

According to the notice, slander and vile propaganda are used in order to cast doubt on all of Murad Saeed’s accomplishments, and your work is being used to accomplish this goal. A draught of your name was leaked before your name, which you have not denied till today, and it was later published.
Murad Saeed was defamed in the draught, according to the report. You must explain and apologise in writing within 14 days, or else you may be subject to legal action on your behalf.

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