Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The government has promised not to hinder the PPP’s long march

The government has stated that it will not interfere with the PPP’s long march. The Interior Minister, Sheikh Rasheed, has stated that the opposition’s no-confidence vote has reached a stalemate.

The Home Minister, Sheikh Rasheed speaking at a press conference in Islamabad, stated that the opposition parties should reveal how much they trust one another.

The parties who were not yet ready to see each other’s faces will meet tonight to discuss their differences. The motion of no confidence has come to a stalemate, whilst we have trust in our partners.

This group of people is marching to Islamabad in ten days, they have already left today, and the game is still on for nine more days. I have met with the Chief Minister of Punjab and agreed that we will take care of this long march and that they will not be stopped at any cost, but people are suffering as a result of this.

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