Monday, October 3, 2022

Ukrainian obstinacy prolongs the battle, Russia

Russia has accused Ukraine of prolonging the crisis by refusing to engage in negotiations, while Western countries are intensifying their pressure on the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that “the Russian president had ordered Russian forces to pause their advance on the subject of the scheduled discussions.” “The Russian president had ordered Russian forces to suspend their advance on the issue of the expected negotiations.”

He asserts that the Russian military began their approach in the afternoon since the Ukrainian administration has failed to engage in negotiations with the Russian government.

While Ukraine denies the perception that it is refusing to negotiate a truce with Russia, it makes it plain that it is not willing to accept ultimatums or demands that are unpalatable to the country’s citizens.

Michael Podolik, an assistant to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s office, said to Reuters that Ukraine is ready for negotiations, but that Russia is putting up impractical obstacles to a successful outcome to the discussions.

Only yesterday, the Russian military forces escalated their offensive, conducting airstrikes and firing missiles at Ukrainian cities in the evening and at night, according to Mr. Poroshenko.

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