Friday, February 3, 2023

Facebook, Twitter, and Google all put sanctions on Russia

The attack has prompted penalties on Russia from a number of other organisations, including social media sites Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

International News Agency reports that following the attacks on Ukraine, the social networking site Facebook not only ceased monetizing Russian media but also stopped advertising on Russian websites.

Additional restrictions on the content of various Russian state stations have been placed on Facebook, including restrictions on the sharing of material relating to violence and conflict by Russian broadcasters, government agencies, and private individuals.

YouTube has also taken down a slew of Russian videos that featured violence and war-related content. Google has also stated that it is contemplating whether or not to impose penalties on Russian media and persons in the future.

However, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the micro-blogging site Twitter also instituted a partial ban on Russian media outlets, government agencies, and individuals, as well as a prohibition on advertising on its platform. Ukraine has also been subjected to sanctions by Twitter.

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