Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Ukraine-Russia conflict: PIA to start evacuation flights tomorrow

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has made a plan to evacuate Pakistani nationals who have become stranded in Ukraine to a safer location.

The national airline stated in a statement that it had scheduled repatriation flights for Pakistani students who have become stranded in Ukraine, with the first two planes scheduled to depart for Poland tomorrow.

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According to the Pakistan Embassy in Ukraine, PIA has prepared repatriation Flights for Pakistani students who have become stuck in Ukraine. The first two flights will depart tomorrow for Poland, where they will be repatriated to safety and reunited with their families. “PIA always goes above and beyond when the nation requires it,” according to a PIA statement.

It is expected that the PIA planes will land in Poland’s capital of Warsaw because they were unable to land at airports near the Ukrainian border, particularly Lublin, due to a lack of adequate arrangements. The evacuation flights will be carried out by Boeing 777 aircraft provided by the airline.

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The evacuation of Pakistani nationals from Ukraine to Poland is being coordinated by the Pakistani embassy in Kviv.

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