Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Actor Nabeel Zafar denied to play character of Nawaz Sharif in any film

A well known actor Nabeel Zafar refused to play character of Nawaz Sharif in any film. He was recently a guest at program ‘Jashan E Cricket‘, where he answered some interesting questions from host.

Nabeel Zafar said that once a character has offered to him and name of Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif mentioned in the script. Therefore, he declined to play his role.

Moreover, he stated, “For the previous two elections, I’ve cast my ballot for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Imran Khan’s performance was not disappointing to me. I’m not giving up on him yet.”

He also responded to a question by saying that the dramas of the 1990s were superior to those of today. Now a days, people no longer work, they have less free time and they have more to do.

On the other hand, actress Sidra Niazi also was guest at program. She addressed a wide range of topics, including the country’s political condition and forthcoming elections.

The host asked Sidra Niazi if she will vote for Imran Khan in the next elections. Whereas, the actress answered that she is Niazi but not without common sense.

Furthemore, In the 500-meter sprint, both actors can not defeat the actress Amar Khan.

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