Saturday, January 28, 2023

Inflation rate rises by 0.51% in February

According to a report released by the Ministry of Statistics, the country’s inflation rate increased by 0.51 percent in the last week of February. This is the second consecutive increase.

According to the research, the costs of some basic goods, such as cooking oil, bread, and poultry, have increased in recent months.

According to the data, the inflation rate has increased by 0.51 percent, bringing it to 15.90 percent after an increase of 0.51 percent. According to the research, the costs of 20 basic products have surged, while the prices of 11 products have decreased.

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The price of broiler chicken increased by Rs31.97 per kg, resulting in a final price of Rs253 per kg.

The price of tomatoes per kg grew by Rs4.83, the price of mustard oil increased by Rs11.92, and the price of vegetable ghee per 2.5kg increased by Rs5.38. The price of mustard oil increased by Rs11.92.

The price of a 20kg flour bag jumped by Rs1.21 in the last week, while the cost of other food items such as mutton, milk, yogurt, and rice all climbed as well.

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While the costs of garlic, onions, potatoes, jaggery, eggs, and legumes have all reduced in the last week, the prices of other foods have increased.

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