Thursday, February 2, 2023

Woman traveling in rickshaw killed by police firing

According to authorities, the woman was riding in the rickshaw in order to attend a wedding ceremony when she was killed in Daska tehsil of Sialkot district when police opened fire on her, claiming that the driver had refused to stop.

 Patrolling police opened fire on a rickshaw carrying four people, including Azhar, his wife Tanzila, and two of their relatives, while they were traveling to a wedding celebration in their village, according to authorities.

According to the police, “a cop identified as Waqas opened fire on the rickshaw, killing Tanzila on the spot.” They also blamed the driver for refusing to stop the rickshaw, which prompted the cops to open fire on the vehicle.

Tanzila was killed instantly when a single bullet struck her in the head, according to authorities, who also added that the officer who opened fire on the vehicle has been arrested and has admitted to doing so.

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Although the authorities claim that they were intercepted, the husband has refuted this and stated that they were never intercepted. A case has been filed against the officer, and Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has ordered that those found to be responsible for the woman’s death be punished harshly by the government.

The Punjab police have been accused of extrajudicial executions in the past, and in one such instance, a young child was killed and two others were injured after police opened fire on a vehicle in the province’s Kasur district earlier this year.

Several police officers opened fire on a car near the Raja Jang region of Kasur, claiming that the passengers refused to halt their four-wheeler at a checkpoint after being ordered to do so. The incident resulted in the death of a youngster and the wounding of two others by bullets.

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