Tuesday, October 4, 2022

I’ll consider Tuba Anwar my sister if she come back, says Dania Shah

PTI leader Aamir Liaquat‘s third wife, Syeda Dania Shah has claimed that she has no problem if his second wife Tuba Anwar wishes to return to her husband’s life. In a recent interview, she discussed Tuba’s Khullah and her debut into the entertainment industry.

Aamir said in the interview that Tuba is still his wife. She has filed for divorce on her own but I have a high regard for her. She is welcome to visit whenever she choose, as the house’s doors are always open.

The presenter inquired as to whether or not Dania Shah had consented to Amir Liaquat’s remarriage. The woman who adores her husband has opposed to his remarriage. Dania Shah had the following to say in answer to query, “To be happy, I must be with my spouse. I enjoy his happiness and he enjoys mine.”

Another question has posed to Dania Shah by the presenter, Will you welcome Tuba Anwar back into Amir Liaquat’s life? Dania replied by saying, “It’s not an issue for me. Because she’s my older sister, I’ll treat her as such.”

Furthermore, Aamir Liaquat claimed that he will take Dania to Thailand for their honeymoon. When Dania has asked how she felt about Karachities, she answered that they are a little insane. The presenter and Amir Liaqat both chuckled at this response.

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