Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Co-stars of Jerry Lewis level allegations of sexual harassment against him

Jerry Lewis has charged in a new short documentary and expose by Newsweek of sexual assault, harassment and misconduct by actresses Karen Sharpe and Hope Holiday.

‘Allen v Farrow’ filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering performed the interviews with Karen and Hope. They previously handled Mia Farrow’s accusations against Woody Allen in the documentary series and are the directors of Oscar-nominated The Hunting Ground.

In the 1964 comedy ‘The Disorderly Orderly’, Karen met Jerry when she was cast as his love interest. Karen stated she was in Jerry’s office trying on the costumes. He ordered everyone but her out of the room except her. Jerry Lewis has accused by her of sexual harassment and abuse.

Moreover, Karen returned to the set after a few days of exile as a punishment for her defiance. The whole cast and crew have instructed not to talk to her. A contract prevented her from leaving the movie early. She had no interaction or acknowledgement from the comic unless they were filming a part together.

Hope recounted in the video that Jerry closed the door to his dressing room on the first day of work by pressing a button. Hope told me that Jerry started behaving in a sleazy manner and spoke sleazily to her.

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