Thursday, February 2, 2023

Deepika Padukone revealed about her refusal to film by Salman Khan

Once Deepika Padukone declined Salman Khan to collaborate with him in the film. Now it has became clear in an interview why she had done so. Deepika claimed that she wasn’t ready to work in film at the time.

According to actress Deepika Padukone, it was Salman Khan who offered her first Bollywood role. However, she turned him down. Salman Khan saw my modelling in the beginning of my showbiz career and offered me a role in a film.

He recognised my acting ability before I even understood I could act. Salman Khan has given me the most Bollywood films and I will always be grateful for that.

Moreover, Deepika said that it was only a chance that I made my Bollywood debut with Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Om Shanti Om‘ two years after Salman Khan.

Salman Khan has previously also hailed Deepika as a huge celebrity. He added that so far no one has proposed a project in which Deepika and I may work together.

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