Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Billie Eilish paused her another live performance in New York

This weekend, Billie Eilish was playing in live performance in New York City. She asked her fans to sit down and calm themselves if necessary. Sources obtained audio of her saying, “You are free to take a seat if you so choose. Take a deep breath and relax.”

In the video, she asks those in the front row to take a step back and allow everybody some room down here. This comes after Eilish had to pause her act earlier this month at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Whereas, she saw a female fan struggling to breathe and asked her team to fetch her an inhaler.

As soon as the audience member has treated and Eilish began the act. Billie Eilish said at live performance, “I wait for everybody to be okay before I start going.”

When Travis continued to play at his Astroworld event in November while hundreds of people have crushed in a crowd surge that resulted in ten deaths, the comment has perceived as a slur against him.

The rapper vowed to drop out of this year’s Coachella Festival if she did not apologise to Travis Scott for the apparent jab after the remarks she made.

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