Monday, October 3, 2022

Ahsan Iqbal petition for acquittal denied

An appeal seeking acquittal of former federal minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Secretary-General Ahsan Iqbal in the Narowal Sports City Complex case was dismissed on Wednesday by the Accountability Court of Islamabad.

According to Ahsan Iqbal’s petition in the Narowal Sports City Complex case, Accountability Court Judge Syed Asghar Ali has reserved his decision.

The Islamabad accountability court has postponed its decision on the former minister’s claim of misuse of power in the development of the Narowal Sports City Complex in a case involving the misuse of power in the construction of the complex.

Zulfiqar Abbas Naqvi, Ahsan Iqbal’s attorney, was arguing for his client’s acquittal in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) reference.

He told the court that the NAB had failed to produce any proof of personal corruption, and that the NAB had been unable to demonstrate any irregularities in the plan.

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According to Zulfiqar Abbas Naqvi, the reference and arrest were carried out solely for the goal of discrediting Ahsan Iqbal. Ahsan Iqbal was vulnerable to political retaliation after his arrest.

 The Defence Counsel stated that Narowal Sports City was a project of public interest, and that the project had been approved by various forums, including the CENTRAL DEVELOPMENT WORKING PARTY (CDWP).

Following the conclusion of the parties’ arguments, the court reserved its verdict on Ahsan Iqbal’s petition and adjourned the hearing to February 23.

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