Saturday, January 28, 2023

Queen Elizabeth tested positive for Covid-19 after Prince Charles and his wife

British longest serving Queen Elizabeth also tested positive for Covid-19 at the age of 95 after Prince Charles and Camilla Parker. Even when she tested positive, Buckingham Palace said she will continue to perform modest responsibilities in Windsor Castle.

Monarch’s staff stated, “Her Majesty is still having minor cold-like symptoms. So, she has chosen not to conduct her planned virtual engagements but will continue with light responsibilities.”

According to a sources, there will be no further engagements this week. However, the statement may raise some serious concerns. It suggests that the Queen did not feel well enough to take part in virtual meetings.

It is not uncommon for her to host virtual or telephone audiences throughout the epidemic. She had scheduled a weekly phone conversation with the Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Since Queen Elizabeth tested positive for Covid-19, she has released two messages on her behalf, indicating that the royal household is operating normally.

Furthermoe, other members of the royal family are going about their business as usual. A two-day visit to Copenhagen by the Duchess of Cambridge to witness Denmark’s efforts in aiding young children and their families has scheduled for Prince William, who is attending investitures at Windsor Castle.

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